About Gold IRAs

A Gold-backed IRA is a retirement account that allows you to diversify with gold. This helps you to protect your nest egg from inflation, currency devaluation and fluctuation from other investments.

  • Take control of your retirement accounts
  • Invest in precious metals
  • Secure your future & family for decades

What You Need to Know About Gold IRAs

Many are waking up to the realization that their retirement accounts are no longer safe. They are now wanting to protect their hard-earned money against inflation, currency debasement and economic uncertainty.

Easy to Open

Our specialists will assist you with the process of transferring your funds from your current custodian to one that can facilitate a Precious Metals IRA.

Safe & Secure

If you currently hold a traditional IRA, you may or may not know it is directly bound to the US dollar. This means the value of your retirement is account is directly tied to the declining dollar.

Hedge Against Stock Market

Precious Metals get you away from the fiat currency system and into the safest investment for you and your family.

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What is a Self-Directed IRA?

Self-Directed IRAs or SDIRAs are retirement accounts that allow account holders complete freedom to invest or save money how they see fit. Unlike some IRAs, which are restricted to debt-based instruments like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds through a single brokerage – such as Fidelity, Vanguard or Charles Schwab – Self-Directed IRAs put you in full and complete control of your money with assistance from a team of experts to take advantage of buying a diversity of all IRS approved assets, in addition to traditional assets.

What are the Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA?

Rolling over to a SDIRA is a completely tax-free process. Self-Directed IRAs allow for direct ownership of assets. According to FINRA, most brokerages that offer IRA, 401k and brokerage accounts hold certificates for client’s assets in their own account as the registered owner. Meaning, it is highly likely that you may not be the registered owner of the stocks, bonds and mutual funds at your brokerage. It’s called, “street name” registration, which could mean you are ‘out of luck’ in an illiquid market. A Self-Directed IRA can ensure that you have complete ownership of your assets.

Why Haven't I Heard of Self-Directed IRAs?

Typically, financial institutions offer investments under the umbrella of an IRA to attract investors to the investments they offer. The more control that a financial institution exerts over their client’s accounts, the more that institution can leverage and profit for themselves. Therefore, accounts that give freedom of ownership back to the investor may take away from the profit margin of the traditional financial system. Simply put, this is the reason why many traditional brokerages do not offer alternative investments.

What Types of Investments are Allowed in Self-Directed IRAs?

Self-Directed IRAs offer a much broader range of investment options than a brokerage-only IRA. In addition to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you have the freedom to invest in all IRS approved asset classes. This includes Real Estate, Land, FDIC Insured Bank Accounts, Property Rights and even physical gold and silver. There are only three types of investments that are not permitted within a self-directed IRA: life insurance contracts, collectables (with exceptions for coins and metals), and S corporations.

Why are Precious Metals the Safest Option?

Precious metals, mainly gold and silver, have been precious to every culture around the world since the dawn of civilization. It’s because gold and silver are an element on the periodic chart, meaning they are the same everywhere in the world and someone is always willing to accept them in trade or payment. That is to say, gold and silver are fully liquid. Precious metals can be insured up to a billion dollars inside your IRA. In fact, the Bank for International Settlements, which is the most important bank in the world and writes all the rules for money recognizes precious metals as, “Tier 1 Capital” and gives precious metals a “0% risk weight.” In other words, gold is the only asset that does not carry counterparty risk.

How do I open a Self-Directed IRA?

There are three basic steps to begin Self-Directing your IRA funds. Fisher Capital is dedicated to offering you best in class service to help you achieve your goals. Our custodial and client relationships are a result of our values. We believe in family, legacy and integrity. Our experienced staff and IRA team are committed to making it a seamless transition for you. Contact us today for a consultation with a certified account specialist.

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