You can rest assured, that all of the assets sold by Fisher Capital are of the highest quality and meet IRA compliance standards.

At Fisher Capital, we strictly deal in government minted assets guaranteed for their purity and fineness by their Sovereign Mints.  Additionally, assets stored in a licensed Depository Facility are individually assayed for quality assurance.

We are committed to buying back the products we sell to clients, making liquidation as easy as making a phone call.

Exclusive Precious Metals


Answers to Common Questions

Gold and silver are simple to understand and easy to acquire. Especially with our precious metals specialists standing by to help.

Here you’ll find answers to common questions about gold.

Please call if there is a question we can answer for you.

What is the difference between Exclusive and Bullion coins?

Exclusive coins tend to be limited in mintage, historic, and/or carry other attributes that can make them more desirable than everyday bullion coins over time.

Is there an advantage to gold vs silver, or should I buy both?

Both gold and silver have safe-haven asset features and benefits. Both are both highly recommended to consider as a portion of a well-balanced retirement portfolio.

Why would I choose fractional vs larger size coins?

Larger weight products like bars and large coins can be more cost-effective to buy by the ounce than smaller coins. However, small denomination coins have the advantage of being useful in smaller transactions. This might prove smarter and more flexible for you in the future than a set of large, high-value bars, especially if gold rises. Having both fractional and larger denomination products can help create a well-rounded portfolio.

How do I choose my products?

Our product specialists will ask about your goals and guide you through our extensive catalog to help you select your products. There are many “crowd favorites” as well as more rare items for the discerning eye. We carry everything from the most exclusive coins to everyday bullion.

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